The First Online Run Club Tracking Program

StrideTrack is an affordable but powerful system that provides running/walking clubs the ability to easily track runner accomplishments, manage runner awards, and display these to runners and teachers via the internet. StrideTrack provides the following benefits and capabilities:

  • Ability to enter runner accomplishments on an individual basis, or via bar code scanners (included)
  • Automatic award calculation and creation of certificates or award cards
  • Ability to manage timed-distance events (e.g. timed mile)
  • Increased visibility of school progress to all runners and school administration via the internet, iPhone® or Android® App, or through printed reports
  • Ability to track performance against runner goals, class goals, grade level goals, and school goals
  • Provides major time savings for run club volunteers by eliminating data entry

Quick Bar Code Scanning

Easy-to-use bar code scanning cuts tallying time by 90%

Save Time!

Are you spending too much time manually counting laps, finding errors, wasting time?